Hi, I am Klaus from Berlin and I want to share my customer journey

Hello there! I recently made the switch to Logseq and, as a fellow developer and startup founder, I’d like to share my journey and the reasons behind my choice.


  • Before Roam Research, I was switching tools a lot. I did it all: Evernote, Bear, Mac Notes, Workflowy, … Roarm Research was the first thing, with a USP for me, because of the 2-way linking. I used it since the beta.
  • In the last 6-18 months, I had been experiencing frustration with Roam Research due to its loading times and less-than-ideal mobile experience. My decision to seek a better alternative was prompted by a discussion about note-taking tools on the Gotime podcast.

I compared Tana, Obsidian, and Logseq, and here’s what I found:

  • Obsidian w* as quickly ruled out because it lacked a journaling feature and was too similar to Notion. My primary requirement was back-references, as this is how I organize my entire knowledge base.
  • Tana offered a neat web experience. However, it only provides a mobile app for capturing new information, which doesn’t align with my workflow. I need full access on mobile for all functions. Therefore, I needed a tool that worked seamlessly on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.
  • That said, I didn’t need something collaborative.

Logseq, you’ve done so many things right:

  • After importing from Roam, I encountered many empty pages (likely due to reloads), but I was able to find and utilize the “orphan pages” feature.
  • The shortcut feature is phenomenal! I can use shortcuts for everything, just like in most of my favorite tools.
  • Logseq has proper native apps, and their loading times are impressive!
  • The complexity of operations is easier to understand because everything is a markdown file, not one large graph.
  • I appreciate that it’s open-source and that it has a supportive community. The blog posts created a very positive first impression.
  • The revisions feature is a game-changer!

To be honest:

  • iCloud sync did not meet my expectations, but this might be an issue with iCloud sync itself, not your tool. This should be made clearer, in my opinion.
  • I’m now trying Logseq sync. So far, the Logseq sync has worked flawlessly.

Keep up the good work! Please remain small and focused on doing one thing exceptionally well!

Lastly, I have a question: what is the meaning behind the name “Logseq”?

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Maybe I need to revise my raving praise …

I offboarded in the direction of Obsidian last week after having syncing issues and no help.

My data is way too important to me to risk loosing it with a sync issue :confused:

The best of luck for your future!

Cannot argue with any similarities to Notion, but Obsidian has journalling plugins.

I think syncing to GitHub is a better idea. I have also experienced note syncing problems that resulted in disappearing notes from time to time, especially when I try to open two Logseq windows; I always encounter some errors.

But luckily, I have GitHub.

The version control on GitHub is much better than in Notion or other note applications. However, it might take you a long time to understand how it works. For me, solving these problems is part of the fun of Logseq. As they say, ‘No pain, no gain’.