Hi, I'm dot, from France

I am dot, from France.

I discovered Logseq a couple of weeks ago. I was ready not to take the software in hand, after seeing that there was no hierarchical organization like the one I use in Obsidian. But after digging a bit and understanding the power of a “block” based operation, I find it very liberating to no longer have to manage a hierarchy and write my daily notes in the journal!

Today, the two points I still have to explore are advanced queries and task management. I already use Logseq to manage my daily tasks, but I admit I’m not sure I fully understand the “logic” of them. In particular, I wonder about the choice between entering a task in the log on the date it should be executed, or using the scheduled/done parameters. I’d be glad to get your feedback on this!

The last point that bothers me a little bit is that the logic of operation “by blocks” does not seem to me completely completed, since the graphic representation uses pages. If I want to use the Zettelkasten method, it forces me (if I want to use the graphical representation) to create a page for each permanent note (Zettle), whereas Logseq could allow me to create permanent notes by blocks. But I know that this is already discussed on this Discord.

In any case, a big thank you to the developers and to all those who make this wonderful software grow!

Welcome dot. Love your username and avatar.

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