Hi, I'm Helix from Germany

Hey, I just switched from Zim-Wiki to Logseq – kind of. Currently I’m still using both in parallel because I couldn’t find a good way to transfer stuff over. I currently sync Logseq files via Syncthing, like I synced my Zim files aswell. So with Markor on Android I can edit both. Didn’t try the Logseq Android app yet.

Logseq seems like a cool new take on the Zettelkasten formula! I hope I can use it in conjunction with Obsidian as well.

I already recommended Logseq to some of my peers on the Matrix federated messaging network and they seem to like it as well.

Hopefully I can also add content to my wiki.tilde.fun by replacing the DokuWiki currently running there with a static site generator like Hugo. Wanted to do this for ages!