Hi there, I am Reza from Canada. A few questions

Hi everyone,

I am considering switching over to Logseq mainly for note taking, knowledge management and learning and have a few questions regarding the application.


What are the most recent / up to date resources available to learn about using Logseq?

Videos? Internet tutorials? e.t.c. ( I ask because with some apps you find several tutorials but since the app is evolving it is not clear for a newcomer which resource is closest to the current version of the app )

Quesions on features

a) How does Logseq handle fixed width plaintext input ( For example: code blocks, inline code or even ASCII art )?

b) How does Logseq handle inputting mathematical symbols like for example LaTeX, KaTeX e.t.c.?

c) Can it handle LaTex multiline math input?

d) Is it possible to embed links to websites?

e) More importantly, is it possible to embed links to locally saved HTML files and webpages?

f) Are tables supported?

Question on data storage

g) It appears that Logseq stores a user’s data off-line locally…Is this correct?

h) If I save my data to a removable drive (USB) on one computer, will I be able to use Logseq on another computer to retrieve and resume my work on another? ( I have done this on Joplin )

Thank You in advance for any answers / hints


  • Most recent tutorials/resources
    • There is no central aggregator for that.
      • Logseq is one of those evolving apps.
    • Even if I was to provide something here, it would soon get outdated.
    • Your best chance is to sort whatever search results by date.
  • Features
    • Everything in your list is supported, but only up to some degree.
    • Various plugins improve the support, but again not perfectly.
    • Logseq is an open platform, so the community may help you with small improvements.
  • Storage
    • Off-line-first is a fundamental choice in Logseq’s approach.
    • Moving data around doesn’t present particular problems.
      • On the other hand, syncing is tricky and needs a good backup.
  • To attract more answers, post:
    • in the Questions category
    • separate posts by relevance

Thank you for your detailed reply ‘mentaloid’ .
I’ll take in your advice and reformulate and re-post my questions more appropriately in the Questions category.
Also is there a ‘meta’ section ( like on Stack Exchange ) where one can find out more about how to properly edit posts and what the rules are?

No meta section. We don’t want rules to discourage people from participating. The best way to write a post fitting to some community, is by reading that community’s posts.

OK understood. When in Rome do as the Romans do…Thank You!

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