:hidden In config.edn not working!

My :hidden line is as follows:

:hidden [“/_DelSyncFiles” “/pages/private - shared - gio/_DelSyncFiles” “/private - shared - gio/_DelSyncFiles”]

But it’s not working, because it’s showing conflicts everytime, even tho those files at “/_DelSyncFiles” should be ignored.

It doesn’t work for me either. I’ve tried full path, relative path to the logsec folder, the copy url of page, none seem to work. I’ve also tried refresh the graph and reindexing and restarting the app, did not work either.

I’m using the Linux app image.

you can follow the development here :slight_smile: Config.edn :hidden does not prevent files being indexed · Issue #8822 · logseq/logseq · GitHub

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Hey, firstly I appreciate there are always more bugs to fix than time to fix them :slight_smile: Just wondering if there could be some movement on this issue? I only ask since the GitHub issue you linked to had some promise of a fix in the near future but then it’s been radio silence since then.

I’ve encountered the issue with 0.9.8 and 0.9.10 on both Android and desktop clients. A re-index in the session works to rectify matters, but only until you close and relaunch the application. At that point the auto-index comes in and in my case replaces the files I wanted with the supposedly ignored files I don’t. This means I need to do a full re-index to restore working order.

Normally this would be at most an inconvenience, but this does make the Android app pretty unusable for me personally, since it gets killed regularly by the OS (no matter the battery optimisation setting) in order to free up resources. This means every time I boot the app, not only do I get the long load time but also get greeted by a broken graph each time.