Hide icon:: property like title::

When you are not editing the properties of a page the title:: property is conveniently hidden.

I think this would be appreciated for the icon:: property too, since it looks redundant:


You can hide it by adding this line in config.edn

:block-hidden-properties #{:icon}
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Thank you very much!

It’s not the same thing as title:: (that is displayed when editing the block).

That settings completely hide properties from Logseq UI, like the metadata it automatically creates.

So it would make it impossible to edit the hidden property with Logseq UI.

It seems like it is only visible in the org-mode, which I use. For markdown, it is not showing.


Even though it’s not visible in markdown, I’m able to override the icon.


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It’s indeed a useful tip but I’d consider this Feature Request still valid since I think icon:: should have exactly the same behavior of title:: by default. Thank again for the insights, they were useful for other cases to me!

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Agree this is redundant so added this. Will be available on the next nightly release and will go out with 0.8.3

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