Hide namespace parents

I use namespaces/nested tags like “Person/David” or “Place/Australia/Sydney”. I love the new hierarchy section for these.

It would be great if:

  • when linking to these pages only the last part of the name would be shown in preview mode, so for example just “David” or “Sydney” from above.
  • when viewing those pages, the large page title only showed the last part and the prefixes were shown in the breadcrumb

Roam handles namespaces by giving the user 3 options for viewing the namespace while not editing a block.

Option 1: [[Place/Australia/Sydney]]
Option 2: [[P/A/Sydney]]
Option 3: [[Sydney]]

While editing the block, the text is shown like Option 1 no matter what (since you are editing the raw text). I think this is a decent set of choices and provides some nice options.


Hi, I agree and filed a similar request today:

I also upvoted yours having not seen it before.