Hide Page properties

I’d like to be able to hide or toggle the top level page properties area.

Hey! If you mean the file path at the top, then I’d agree.

This one:

I see the value of having it there, but it’d be nice to be able to toggle it off by default in the settings, and toggled on when needed.

I actually meant this:

but yes, i’d like to hide the file path as well.

Anything that’s not just my straight up content should have the option to be hid imo.

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got you, that’s strange I don’t have that by default. It depends if you still want to have week and month hidden in your file.

However if you don’t want that you can press esc then s there you can edit the contents of the metadata

Then you can select that part and delete it


If you press esc and s again you should be back to the normal view and that should be hidden.

Of course this is all assuming you do want that, not sure if it’s something added intentionally or if it was there by default.

Hope that helps

Wait what?

No, I added those.

I still want to add page properties, but be able to hide them.

Am I understanding correctly?


got you, that’s my bad, I thought for some reason you had metadata imported from another app that you didn’t want to have in there.

I got confused with what you meant by the word properties but it makes sense now.

In that case it does make sense to be able to toggle off visibility of metadata to keep things cleaner

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with css (either add to custom.css or use stylus injector addon), 2 alternatives:

. clean and simple : hide the whole properties block (then you need to click the filepath to edit properties):
.content .pre-block {display: none}

. practical: hide the text but leave an empty line (but the bullet will be visible) so you can still click it to edit inline (click the empty space above the first bock) :

.content .ls-block .pre-block {display: none} 

A non-css solution would be appreciated.

In general I feel that properties and queries are something that could be made more accessible UX-wise.

Eg. the way Roam solves filtering seems kind of intuitive.


I love this idea.

A couple of ways one might be able to express it:

Using a prepended character such as -

title:: Page title
-property:: This one won't display

Using ::: instead of two colons (this one would be harder to see)

title:: Page title
property::: This one won't display
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