Hide pages that use Page Tags from appearing on Linked References?

So I’m using page-tags ( tags:: ) to link different pages together, due to them being related to one another.

Now, in the page of said tag (in this case “Art”), I get the nifty section of "Pages tagged with “art”, but then I also get right below, in Linked References, the very same pages that use that page-tag:

So while I guess it makes sense, for me it is also quite redundant and clutters the Linked References tab, which I’d rather have left for entries on my journal, or in other random pages.

  • Am I missing something, or, is there a way to disable pages that have page-tags from appearing on the Linked References section?

Hope I managed to explain myself more or less properly.


Same here, I also find the page tags shown in linked reference redundant and cluttered.

just going to reply in hopes that someone who knows how to change this can see this hehe