Hierarchical tag system

Hi, I would like to achieve a hierarchical tag system. For example, I have a page and would like to tag this page as

  1. data augmentation

  2. text data augmentation

But the second tag is a subtag of the first tag.

Ideally I can only tag the page as text data augmentation, and the logseq can infer that this page is also linked to data augmentation (supertag). But currently if I only tag text data augmentation, then it wouldn’t link the page to the first tag data augmentation. Thus I am wondering if there is an easier and better way to achieve something like this. Thanks!

I think what you may need is namespaces… use a forward slash #[[heirarchy/level1/level2]]


Thanks! Now I can see the tag in the page of hierarchy. I am wondering what is the best workflow? Should we later only work on hierarchy/level1 instead of level1 page? Since level1 is, in the eye of logseq, not the same as hierarchy/level1.