Hierarchy in the Graph view

Hi everyone, I am new to using Logseq, and I am loving it so far. Thanks a lot for making this app.

I wanted to suggest adding a bit more hierarchy in the graph view. I mean that if for example, I am learning ‘Japanese’, it would be great if there is a big circle that has inside other topics belonging to it such as grammar, vocabulary, etc. And if you zoom in, more details about what is inside grammar and vocabulary appear. So, it is a bit more organized.

Another related issue I have is that when I open the graph view, all the dots are clustered in the middle whether they are linked or not. So I think it would be great if for example there a 2 or more big topics that are not linked, they don’t appear on top of each other. Or maybe if the user organizes the graph view themselves, it would be nice if it stays like that.

I hope it is comprehensible. I am very visual, and love the idea of the graph!