High idle CPU load

Hi, I’m not really finding any good info so I thought I would ask…

I’m running Logseq (v0.8.17) on Win11 (fairly new machine), no plugins/themes and a small graph of some few hundred notes in total. I have Logseq idle load constantly using somewhere between 5-15% CPU. Even if minimized. I have “everything” turned off - also the diagnostics reporting.
The only way I can find to prevent it is to delete the cache and do a fresh load of the graph directory. Only in that case will Logseq idle minimized at approx 0% CPU - as I would expect. However, if I restart Logseq using the existing cache, it will starting idling at high CPU again.I have no other Electron apps that behave this way.
I’m curious what Logseq is doing to generate so much idle load? Anyone know? It’s a serious nuisance since it’s often that extra load to make the fan kick in.

It seems I found out what this was. User error you might say. I had put my graph folder in pCloud’s cloud syncing drive. pCloud works differently from e.g. Dropbox by being a memory-based virtual drive. This apparently introduces a lot of overhead. The solution was to put the graph folder on the C: drive (SSD) and let pCloud sync it in the background. That seems to do the trick.