High memory usage von MacOS (M1 Air)

I’m experiencing a high memory usage (screenshot) with Logseq on MacOS. I use a custom theme (logseq dev theme) and got about 1300 pages and 1,88GB of assets (pdfs only). Is this an issue with memory leak or normal?
Thanks in advance

edit: Additional context; if I close logseq, the usage goes back to normal (see screenshot 2), but goes up pretty quickly

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hey @derkatzenkoenig,

welcome to the Logseq forum! unfortunately, the ram usage you are experiencing is expected.

can u tell, why? Is it the assets?

My typical memory with the app activated but not actively working in it is like this (this is after about 1 hour open)

I see the same huge memory usage after using the Graph View. That is reproducible. Most of the time I do a restart after working with the graph which I do rarely btw.

are you saying that once you open graph view the memory usage jumps up and never goes back down until you restart Logseq?

no based on my testing 1GB ram usage is pretty normal for Logseq at the current state of development.

Yeah, sure. But 3,61GB for the “logseq helper”?

I rarely use the graph too

Re-index and restart Logseq. what is the ram usage?

Yes it does … it is reproducible from 0.6.3 onwards.

Try search for certain values in the graph view … I get it easily up to 6Gb and higher. Is a longstanding bug.

This is my memory usage after 5x running a search in the graph and some light notes browsing between searches …

It always normalizes when I restart logseq.

Thanks for the info. I will find the time to test search memory leaks.

Hey @Junyi_Du are you aware of any issues related to memory leaks with search?

I can remember there’s a leak related to the graph view.
Basically it’s an upstream issue of Pixi.js and we don’t have resource to do further investigation for now.

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I reported it at first in the discord server and then tiensonqin picked it up and opened an issue on it.
see Logseq is using huge amount of memory (graph view) · Issue #3501 · logseq/logseq · GitHub

That one is still open.