How about separately supporting outliner MD format and native MD / OM format?

Have you considered supporting outliner Markdown format and native Markdown / Org-Mode format separately, and distinguishing them by the beginning of file content?

The former format can support more roam-like features (such as block linking and block operation) and other advanced features based on an extended version of MD syntax, which is specially used for diary, idea recording and other scenes suitable for outliner mode.

The latter provides a nearly native MD/OM experience and forbids most roam-like features, but it can support page links [[]] and links to subheadings, which is closer to the wiki/obsidian style and is specially used for creation, documents, wikis, or clipping articles.

An extra button can be used to switch the two page types.

I think the advantages are:

  1. Ease the doubt of “contaminated format”, and facilitate the further modification and expansion for the outliner markdown format.
  2. Make it easier for former native Markdown users to directly migrate to Logseq, and reduce the cost of indexing.
  3. Two formats, Two uses.

Hey @wanicca I just posted on this thread which seems to address your issue, but is more active: Allow non-outline (freeform) text

Perhaps you want to join in there?