How and where to start discussing challenges and contributing ideas for multi-user features

I see potential in Logseq to can become a strong collaborative ideation and collaboration tool.
This is actually why I am currently trying out Logseq, because I read somewhere that its on the roadmap. However, I see no focused area for people to contribute to that? Because it probably requires a lot of fundamental restructuring of the source code, its not just another plugin, and a dedicated aread for people to collaborate on the development?

I’m active in global collaboration in sustainable develoment, and actually see that the way we work in society becomes increasingly collaborative in a decentralized and networked way.

Multi-user features are part of the architecture of similar apps like Roam Research and its open source initiative Athens Research. The latter I tested but is very limited, as well as still buggy. Logseq appears to be promising to fill that gap of open source multi-user networked collaboration.

I assue that such multi-user Logseq probably is hosted/self-hosted by default? Or is there a way to create a peer-to-peer network type of architecture, like decentralized?