How can a user track time in Logseq?

[I’m posting a number of questions, hopefully I or others will provide answers]

I hightly relies on org-clock-in for time log. But there some other things that user can adopt to their own work flow. For example, time-block technique, which the user assign a specific goal during the time period and only focus on the things closely related to the content belong to the block.

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I’ve used org’s time tracking in the past and I love it. Currently I moved my whole workflow to .md is it possible to still use org-clock-in in a markdown file? Or does it need to be a .org file?


This is a very abstract answer. Hopefully someone can provide some low-level info, such as: what do I type or click to start timing a task, to stop timing a task, to see how many minutes have passed, to add up multiple timing sessions for one task, etc.?

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