How can example formatting on front of be achieved by using logseq?

A question on reddit prompted how one can actually create what is shown on the project home page

I don’t believe it is possible to create the 4 pages as shown with core product, without plugins - ie you can’t do it at

If I am wrong, I would also love to know how, or if correct what Plugins could be used to achieve it.

Reddit post:

Without plugins it would require lots of custom css & js :joy:

the plugins way (copying from my previous answer in discord):

that is what the team envisions to become of properties (currently bridged by the “Awesome Links” plugin)
right now you can do (the property names can be anything, for example “category” could be “class” or “type”, all popular word choices) category:: [[Person]] for page [[Jessica]]
and for page [[Person]]
you can have icon:: 👥
but when [[Jessica]] is referenced, logseq doesn’t show the icon from its category property.
with that plugin I mentioned, it will show the icon

the thumbnails can be done using float in css. I know @cannibalox does this, although I’m not sure if it’s in his Logtools repo. (interestingly logseq used to have a built-in macro of {{img }} for things like this, but looks like it no longer works so I wonder if that’s deprecated…)

For the icons next to references there is Awesome Links plugin :slight_smile: