How can I display title attribute?

Sometimes when I click on first block I get displayed title attribute and sometimes not. What affects this behavior? How can I display this attribute always?

Welcome. Could you provide an example first block for each case? We may be able to spot the difference.

How do I provide an example? Via screenshot?

I noticed that this happens whenever I rename a page. After that, the page gets title attribute visible whenever I click on the first block inside it.

Screenshot, otherwise markup wrapped within two lines of triple backticks: ```

As about the title:: attribute, it is built-in and used when it differs from the filename (read Built-in Properties).

If I remove that attribute after renaming a page, which I do always, do I create some problem by doing so?

Most pages don’t need a title attribute, they use the name of the page. If the value of the title attribute is the same with the name of the page, removing it should make no difference.