How can I get rid of "scheduled and deadline query" in the journal page?

I don’t want this default query to show on my journal page, completely. I’ve tried to get rid of it by deleting corresponding lines in the config.edn yet this solution seems not to work at all.

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I have to ask: if you go to the effort of creating a scheduled event or a deadline, why would you not want it to show up?

Personally, I do something opposite: show deadlines and scheduled events up to 7 days in advance. That allows me to enter notes so I don’t forget to bring up important issues during a meeting, for example.

Hello. I use the journal page simply to write a journal and I have another homepage for work planning. The default “scheduled and deadline query” shown on the journal page is superfluous to me at all.

Hi Simeonh2021,
I requested the same some time ago here:

I’m sorry to bump this, but is there any development on this? I also use a separate page with custom queries for my workflow, and having the Scheduled and Deadline query show up is, at a minimum, distracting.

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I hope at least we can have a switch to turn this default query on and off.


Yea I would also like at least the ability to edit it.

The current bother for me is I’d like to store friends/associates birthdays/special dates, but even if the date is scheduled for months away, it still shows up on my Daily Journal page - it would be great to have it only show a few days out.

Or maybe add a feature/input to the Scheduled/Deadline to let the user choose how early the “event” would appear in the query?

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Set this in the config.edn

:feature/disable-scheduled-and-deadline-query? true


It seems no longer work since 0.66 and afterward?

:feature/disable-scheduled-and-deadline-query? true
disabled it for me.

This should be a default query, not a flag.

Wish stuff like this was was documented besides in code too. logseq/state.cljs at master · logseq/logseq · GitHub