Unwanted query "SCHEDULED AND DEADLINE" in the journal?

today I noticed a seemingly automatically displayed query with the title “SCHEDULED AND DEADLINE” in the journal.

:confused: This query is NOT defined in the config.edn - but is displayed anyway.

Is this a bug?
How can I get rid of this query?

Background info:
I have already defined some special queries for my journal in config.edn and the default “SCHEDULED AND DEADLINE” query is not only superfluous for me, but the result does not fit my workflow.

The query shows blocks that have a scheduled date even if they are NOT todos. However, those blocks only have an informational character for me and are not blocks whose date I want to react to.


I don’t know when this happened - but currently this unwanted journal query has disappeared again :+1:

Me too, after i upgrading from 0.54 to 0.55 on MacOS. Do you have any idea to hide it?

unfortunately no
currently it is not displayed for me

I also have my own scheduled and deadline query with more fine grained results that suit my workflows. Is there a way to hack this away ? It also always open uncollapsed when i reopen the journal, even if i collapsed it multiple times.