How can I join the iOS app test?

I live in China and I cannot find “logseq” in the Chinese AppStore. Can anyone tell me how to join the iOS app test? Many thanks.

Fill in this form


I am in Taiwan and want to use it on ipad.
I have filled out the form but have not received the mail.
Can you help with confirmation?

Hi, I’m from Shanghai :grinning:. I don’t know how to contact any developer to confirm your request. Perhaps you can make a new post under “questions & help”? Maybe that will help.

I have submitted this form (weeks ago) and haven’t heard anything. Should I have? Are these invitations going out and I just need to wait longer?

You can install it from the App Store.

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NICE. Thanks! I didn’t realize it had been released.

Is there a plan for iOS app TestFlight which support sync?