How can I use Logseq and Obsidian together?

I already have like the folders setup. But my doubt comes in the use cases or workflows thati can use
I mean:

  • What should I use logseq for?
  • What should I use obsidian for?
  • What workflows do you use?

I really like both apps but I don’t have that very clear. I cannot differentiate the use cases between both of them.
Thanks and have a nice one :blush:


  • You won’t get clear on how to use any of them, until you get clear on what you want to do with them.
    • Your approach sounds like you have “a solution looking for a problem”.
  • Otherwise, use each one for:
    • the things you like in that one
      • This is subjective.
    • the things missing from the other one
      • This is objective.

I understand, thank you very much. If you can help me, what are the things missing from each app?

  • There are many videos covering this.
    • None of them (neither my advice) can replace your own first-hand experience.
  • In short:
    • although almost no major feature is totally missing from them
    • users badly miss many minor features while using them
  • Covering holes through plugins and other customizations is usually not worthy:
    • the needed effort
    • the overall quality of the result
  • If you are fine working with both:
    • try doing the same thing in both
    • you will soon find that you prefer doing that thing in only one of them

Following on this, I’ve heard that Obsidian and Logseq use slightly different markdown implementations that could cause problems when using both with the same files/database?

Yes. To support their features, they need to save their files in some extended form of markdown, which is not fully compatible to each-other. The resulting problems vary a lot, but many users manage to use both applications (on the same files) successfully.

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Good to know. Thanks for confirming. I’ll experiment