How do I exclude a folder from logseq indexing

I’m trying to use both obsidan and logseq at the same vault. So to store my obsidian notes, I create a new folder called obsidianNote then start writing new files into it.

In obsidian there is setting to ignore folder, but it doesn’t seem to be the case with logseq, it still pickup all the pages from that folder.

How do I hide folders from logseq? Should I file a feature request?

This is possible in Logseq, although the setting is a bit hidden.

In config.edn (under ... > General), find the following line:

:hidden []

Within the square brackets, add any folders or files you want to hide in Logseq, wrapped in double quotes and separated by a space. For example:

:hidden ["/archived" "/"]

I hope this helps!

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Thank you! It works after I edit the file then do a re-index

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Is there a way to do this that ignores a pattern, such as any file called

My use case - I have several git submodules within the pages folder as subdirectories, each with readme files, and logseq gets throws warning messages about name clashes.

I have tried :hidden ["*/" "*/"] but this does not seem to work.