How do I fully delete Logseq + all application metadata/app data?

“How do I properly delete Logseq from my device and clear associated metadata? I want a clean reinstall.”

On MacOS, delete this directory: ~/Library/Application\ Support/Logseq
On Windows, delete the Logseq app data directory, usually found within your %APPDATA%: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Logseq

If you are referring to the journals, pages, etc. files, those are all found within the directory/folder you originally designated to store your graph.

  • On Linux :heart::penguin: delete the directory: $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/Logseq

Note that on all operating systems you will also need to remove another directory.

  • Linux :heart::penguin:: $HOME/.logseq
  • macOS: ~/.logseq
  • Windows: C:\Users\<YOUR_USERNAME>\.logseq

This directory stores plugins and their config. It also stores the graph .transit file


Hello! After I updated it to 0.6.6 in MacOS the whole graph get slow. I´m trying to reinstall but, how do I delete the full configuration of LOGSEQ? I was looking for ~/Library/Application\ Support/Logseq directory, but it doesn´t appear in my laptop. Any Ideas?

Thank you for this!
FYI - some Linux distros do not set $XDG_CONFIG_HOME. For anyone who doesn’t have it, it is probably either $HOME or $HOME/.config.