How do I get the same date convention in in Logseq as in my folder

In short I come from Roam, now I have Obsidian and Logseq synced in iCloud and am quite happy. Many format issues I could resolve with BBEdit, like aliases with ::. The tip came from this forum , so thanks! There is one thing still left though…

My date conventions in Obsidian (YYYY_MM_DD) and Logseq (yyyy_MM_dd) are the same. They create the same files. So far so good. But older dates are now displayed in Logseq as Roam format Jan 6th, 2022.

So my Logseq system refers to the latter but the files it represent are yyyy_MM_dd. This is also the date convention which is in my config.edn. It even has these lines added:

:journal/page-title-format "yyyy_MM_dd"
:journal/file-name-format "yyyy_MM_dd"
:date-formatter "yyyy_MM_dd"

How do I change all my older dates in Logseq desktop in this new date name convention? Apart from doing all by hand, there are a lot of them… maybe an alias trick?

I first would like everything to be the same before I really would like to switch preferably to YYYY-MM-DD.

As an example:

All help much appreciated.