How do I invoke an email program from an email address in logseq

I’m on Linux and use Thunderbird for my email

I would like to be able to click on an email to invoke the email program but the two things I’ve tried

both of these just create pages

If I do [[mailto:johndoe…][John Doe]] clicking on John Doe fires up Thunderbird but uses //john.doe@… which doesn’t work.

What am I missing?

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You just insert a normal link using /

Then fill in the inputs like this:


Or you can just type out a markdown link:


It makes no difference what you put in between the [ ] brackets, i.e. [Email Someone]( will give you Email Someone

Thanks for the explanation Brad, unfortunately that doesn’t work on my system

If I use the following link [[][john doe]] it sends // to my email program. The same thing happens when I type in the link manually, use ctrl-L or /Link

As you’ve probably spotted, I’m using the org mode variant of the editor which may be where the problem lies.

What you can try is creating a new markdown file in your pages folder(you can have both markdown and orgmode files in one graph), and using a markdown link as previously suggested: [Email Someone]( if that works then there is a bug in the org-mode parser, and that should be reported on Github. Otherwise it’s a bug in your setup: some notes on mailto links

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Thanks, I’ll try that out and let you know.

I didn’t realise you could intermingle org and markdown files in the same graph.

I did that and the markdown version works fine. I’ve reported it on Github.

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