How do I recover a deleted page in Logseq?

Am I missing something obvious or commonly known? I accidentally deleted quite a number of pages in Logseq. I mistakenly unchecked pages I wanted to delete, instead of leaving them checked, so I ended up deleting all the pages I really want to keep, and keeping the ones I was trying to delete. It was my first attempt to really use this software, so there wasn’t much in it, but still, it sucked.

I thought that Logseq operates over normal markdown files stored on our hard drives, so I expected to see the lost files in my system trash folder. They aren’t there (Obsidian files end up there).

I didn’t see an “Undo Delete” option after I mistakenly deleted all those files.

So did I just lose a bunch of work? I want to recover those files if I can.

The files should be in your graphs folder in logseq/.recycle/ or something along those lines.

A second location to look is logseq/bak, which is where Logseq stores files that behave weirdly (usually Icloud doing something funky)

If you are using git then, if the files are really gone, you can revert them using git.

A frontend would indeed be easier.

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I guess I’ll have to learn how to use Git then. When that front end is designed, an alert box asking if I’m sure these are the files I want to delete would be helpful - or it would have helped in my situation (with a “don’t show this again” checkbox for those who would find it annoying).

They were in .recycle thankfully. Phew!!

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