How do I sign up to use web app with storage shared between different computers?

Silly question but I can’t figure out how to sign up for and use the logseq web app across multiple machines: I see that I can download the desktop app, but I’ve gathered from posts/twitter that github integration for the desktop app has been deprecated in favor of a custom server, so presumably I’d be stuck with using a different (local) filesystem on every computer? I assumed I could just sign up for the web app, but I only see a “login” link, and clicking that gives me only a “github” authentication dialog. So I guess I want to know: what’s the recommended solution for sharing a single logseq filesystem across multiple computers? The factors I’m aware are: app (desktop vs web app?); authentication (github vs XXX?); storage: (local filesystem vs. server storage?). I expect there’s an obvious answer and apologies for being obtuse!

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Try this:

I do not think that this person was asking about how to sync local folders.

No, you’re right, thanks: I was hoping I could use logseq “in the cloud”, so that I would have access to the same data no matter which computer I was using (without having to set up manual syncs between my local filesystems): native github integration would have been nice, but seems to be deprecated; am basically wondering what’s the recommend solution (is there a solution?) in the absence of the github integration? (Also I’d prefer to be able to use logseq directly from my web browser, without having to install a separate app on each computer, but that’s not a huge problem.)

If you are savy with servers and docker, you can use this in the browser until there is a proper solution

I like this one better because it is using novnc, and it is much nicer to use it on a mobile device

Thanks: looks like those are designed to allow me to access one of my machines remotely/securely from another? If so, I guess I could set up an AWS EC2 instance and use that as the server, but I was hoping that logseq would provide its own cloud-based service (or use something like github behind the scenes). Sounds like that’s basically just not possible currently? ie. if I want to share my logseq database between machines I have to take care of setting up a logseq server that I can access via the internet myself?

You set up a cloud pc (or a server app in your home setup) and access it over Guac or NoVnc which both of these Docker apps provide natively. You can access these from anywhere as long as they are accessible. You do not need to own a domain to access them, you can use Wireguard or SSH forwarding to keep it simpler for yourself.

If you also want to have the files locally, you can then use Syncthing (which was given above) to sync the files between your AWS and your local pc.

Yes that makes sense, thanks! It just seems like a bit too much extra complexity to have to set up and maintain for myself; I guess I’ll try obsidian for now (for the SaaS feature), but I’ll keep watching logseq because I like its graph model better, and I like open source projects. Thanks again!

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Hi AmberOrBust,

I’ve been using a cloud desktop through to access Logseq anywhere if needed. There are also some from

I keep having a problem with Logseq forgetting my settings file though which is annoying, and I also sometimes think a cloud solution would be nice and so am torn between Logseq and Remnote.

Might want to give Remnote a try. It’s very similar, is fully cloud based, has a native mobile app and while not open source does allow extensions.

Thanks for that: I checked out Remnote: looks perfect for now!