How do you guys go about a monthly review? What do you include in there? Is there any querry or plugin good with providing stats based on tags or logseq [[ ]] links?

Hello. I am thinking of adding some value to my journal and I realized that I don’t take much advantage of what I have written in the journal. It basically goes away with time. I might search back and retrieve some specific search term data but I don’t use anything more complex like Habit Tracker or other statistics. I have put some thought into how to get some more value from what I write and one interesting aspect would be a monthly (also weekly if desired or yearly) review where I could see different stats about Top 10 tags used during the past month, how many A TODOs have I checked, etc.
If you are already using something like this to add value and extract knowledge from past journal entries please share tour recipe for achieving that.
Thank you.