How do you see all metadata/properties for a block?

I’m looking at a Task and I would like to see the date metadata for it. Am I missing something obvious?

Have you enabled Settings > Advanced > Developer mode ?

not yet, no. Thank you

OK, I assume that let me view the browser devtools, which is a lot lower-level than I was expecting.
I was hoping there would be something ‘in-app’ that would allow you to see the all of the properties/metadata for a particular block.

The reason I’m asking is, I’m trying to identify what makes a Task block a Task – is there a property, and if so what is it called? (Note, this task example is just an example; I’d also like the ability across the board…)

The browser devtools are accessible with the “typical” Ctrl + Shift + i , while Developer mode is for seeing some of Logseq’s internal representations (look for (Dev) prefix in menus).