How do you segregate by type of notes?

I write most of the things in Journals . Most of the time, it contains some useful code, concepts and my tasks. How do you make next layer of notes from journals? It seems, if I do it will be duplication. Another questions is - how do you segregate the permanent, fleeting, reference notes in logseq? Do you use different graphs for each ? Journals contains lots of scratch data as well. Do you delete it?

Welcome. This gets asked a lot, so Iā€™m going to keep it short.

  • My personal suggestion is to:
  • Here are my quick and non-absolute answers:
    • Except of time, everything useful (and potentially publishable):
      • although it still begins almost always in a journal
      • it eventually moves:
        • out of the messy journal
          • which keeps the fleeting scratch data
        • into the quality page that it really belongs to
          • which keeps the permanent order
    • No duplication, only references or embeds.
    • Different graphs:
      • not for different types of notes
      • but for different domains of knowledge
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