How do you split/share lists between/among (subsequent) days?

Imagine a note with a list of things that we created one day and now we want to extend that list of things.

For example, let’s put I have 3 shortcuts captured in a note of a day:

**Most useful Logseq shortcuts**
- shortcut 1
- shortcut 2
- shortcut 3

The other day I want to continue working on this list as I learned/found/adopted a few new shortcuts.
What is the best way to extend the list?

Options I observe atm:

  • An obvious one: scroll to the day when the note was created and extend that list.
    It doesn’t look quite right to me: this way I leave no traces in the current day of any activity.

  • Another option would be to create a new note in this day and embed the first block.
    It’s almost the same as editing directly. The only difference is that the action was deliberate and it wasn’t just some random edit.

  • Create a new note with the same title (and the tags and/or the props).
    In this case to see all the shortcuts in one place I would need to follow to the tag’s page, where I’ll see all the blocks. So I won’t have a single note with shortcuts, but rather - a list of notes with shortcuts lists.

What do you think folks? Which variant you’d prefer?

  • Tagging a dedicated page is easily the best among those three.
  • Depending on your exact scenario, you may consider Macro to auto-embed a block to the page of a tag
    • Then hovering on the tag should show the embeds, without navigating away from the journal.
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Good! I hope I’ll work out the right feeling of the system soon :slight_smile: