How does one bind :auto-complete/complete to the spacebar key?

Does anyone know how to set spacebar as the key for using a selected autocompletion in the command palette and templates menu? I do this in all editors and IDEs that I use, because it is what I am used to. It doesn’t work when I try in Logseq, and spacebar simply does what it usually does and ENTER is still the way to complete a selection.
My global configuration is C:/Users/Rikus/.logseq/config/config.edn:

{:shortcuts {:auto-complete/complete ["enter" "space"]
 :sidebar/close-top []
 :sidebar/open-today-page []
 :ui/toggle-settings ["t s" "s e t"]
 :editor/highlight ["ctrl+u"]
 :ui/toggle-brackets ["t b" "b b"]
 :sidebar/clear []
 :search/re-index []
 :window/close []
 :graph/save ["ctrl+s"]}}

Thank you in advance.

Which key do you use in other editors and IDEs for “tab”/auto completion?
  • enter
  • tab
  • spacebar
  • .
  • lmb or other mouse button
  • other
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