How LS should handle page-tags?

Moving this from GH issue to the forum… LS is treating tags in page-properties as block references · Issue #2534 · logseq/logseq · GitHub

Starting with LS 0.3.0, page-tags are now behaving differently than they were in version 0.2.10 and lower. This appeared to me like a bug, as this was never the way tags worked in previous versions. So putting this up for discussion. How do people prefer tags to work?

Option 1) In version <= 0.2.10, pages that contained a page-tags with a value assigned to it, would only show up on that tagged page under the " Pages tagged with “<% current page %>” section, as shown in the screenshot below.

Option 2) Starting with LS version 0.3.0, pages that contain a page-tags with a value assigned to it, will now show up both under the "Pages tagged with “<% current page %>”, AND as a block reference?

Option 3) If you dislike both methods, how would you like page tags rendered?

IMO - I would prefer we go back to option 1, it was cleaner, and gave page-tags their own unique method of usage. Otherwise let’s get rid of the “Pages tagged with …” section, I don’t see any reason to have duplicate sections that reference the page, and we could use the space for other stuff. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the move.

I’ll paste my comment here:

The tags property are served as both page tags and page references.
The benefit of being page references is that everything around references works, for example, page/global graphs, queries, references, etc. Also, we can see other properties listed in the linked references.

The tagged pages are repeated (their titles) in the linked references, this might be a bit annoying, we can hide those tagged pages there but we lose the ability to see more context information.

This page tag discussion on discord from v0.2.8 may be relevant …

A simple query like {{query [[projects]]}} will find all three:
1/ page tags - tags:: projects
2/ hash tags - #projects
3/ wikilink tags - [[projects]]
Caveat: This is a special projecty of tags:: that automatically wikilinks the bare tag values. Other custom properties would require explicit wikilinking the tag values like location:: [[Klang]]
Caveat2: The query will also not find block tags tags:: projects, but will find it if the block tag is explicitly wikilinked tags:: [[projects]]
Caveat3: The above from observation and using Logseq, not from its code. :wink:

Looks like that v0.3.0 has just removed Caveat2. I love orthogonality in my software.

I note also that following simple queries for page tags seems consistent.

  1. {{query [[projects]]}} - will list all blocks/pages referencing “projects” page in all format (tags, hash and wikilink or page reference). Similar to Linked Reference to current-page query.

  2. {{query (page-tags projects)}} - gives table view of all pages with “projects” tags. Almost similar to Pages tagged with current-page query.
    Caveat: This query only works in “pages” not in “journals”. Ref v0.3.1.