How many terms does the 'and' operator take?

I have a query that works:

{{query (and (property client “Superclient”)(property month [[01-07-2022]]))}}

I then wanted to add one more term to be more specific in my results:

{{query (and (property type “activity”)(property client “Superclient”)(property month [[01-07-2022]]))}}

This brings Logseq crashing down. No results, just a blank block, then everything hangs and becomes totally unresponsive. I have to force kill Logseq after this to get it working again.

Is that a bug or am I abusing the ‘and’ operator here? If it’s a user-error, shouldn’t there be a more graceful way of letting me know I’m doing it wrong? :slight_smile:

I’m a bit surprised the first one works. Trying putting spaces between the parameters: {{query (and (property type “activity”) (property client “Superclient”) (property month [[01-07-2022]]))}

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What do the properties look like that you are trying to query? When we see the data you expect to see in a query, that will give a much clearer picture. The more information you can give, the better we can help you.

A quick tip: When you’ve just added a property for the first time, it will help to do a re-index.