How the files are stored?——Data Loss

Recently working with two Graph, one lost data and the other did not.

What happened:
The index was rebuilt today and one graph (A) lost almost 10 days of data, while the other graph (B) was unharmed.

Graph A’s local file is stuck in the state of 10 days ago, however, I can access and edit it normally during that time (i.e. they were still “alive”), and those data is not saved in the md file, so where is the data I edit stored?
Meanwhile, the data in B is saved in the md file.
What is the data saving logic of Logseq? And where do those data that are not in the md file “live”? Is there a way to retrieve them?

Logseq does not delete files (unless there’s a bug). Most data-loss problems are because of an underlying issue, which is usually Icloud. Never have Logseq open on two devices at the same time, it is not supported.

Missing files can be found in your graph’s directory in:

  • logseq/.recycle
  • logseq/bak

Or, if you have it enabled, in your git repository, from where anything ever checked in can be found again.

I am using two graphs on one device, not using iCloud, but the graph directory is saved on Onerive.
I guess the lost data wasn’t ever saved as a file, but in a temporary storage somewhere.
I have searched everywhere and the lost data is probably unrecoverable.