How the graph view could improve creativity

With many tools for thought, there have been criticisms of the graph view. “It looks like a garbage dump” is what some people say.

But what people are missing is the purpose of a graph view, to generate new ideas and connections. If this is your goal, then the graph view is amazing.

This is a screenshot of a graph visualization tool, Cosma (from Arthur Perret)

There are a few things in this UI that make the graph view useful for creativity:

  • graph and notes are side by side
    • currently logseq only shows you the graph view by itself . an improvement would be allowing shift+click to open each node on the right side
    • graph view has visual features (colors, strokes) that denote certain relationships and interactivity like focusing and highlighting certain relationships

There is great potential for logseq to become a tool for creative thinking.

The obsidian graph is so much smoother for me, just zooming in and out seems so much more high quality. Dragging and clicking nodes needs to be more smoother.

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Wow, Cosma looks really powerful. That would be great to have something like this implemented in LogSeq