How to activate the on-screen keyboard that is built into logseq


When I add a new block in whiteboard and click into the input field, sometimes the on-screen keyboard pops up, but it is not always able to reproduce that.

Is there an obvious way to activate the keyboard?


Welcome to the Logseq community @Railway2!

Could you please give some more context, for example what version of Logseq you’re using? As you’re talking about a “built-in keyboard” I assume it’s the mobile version, but which one: iOS or Android?

I’m using a Wacom One pad with pen with using logseq Desktop application.

This is what occurs when I double tap after clicking on the “Add block or page”-button without releasing the key, a on-screen keyboard pop up. This does not work always, or at least not as it should, even if the same action is reproduced.

Do you know how this is actually triggered and if there is an obvious way to get it on the screen?