How to add keywords to search for page

Hi all,

when I create a page, I want to add keywords to it, to find it easily.

For example, if I create a page “Movies” I want to add keywords like “Film”, “Evening”, “Fun”, “Party”, to facilitate future search.

I thought about adding page property (like page tags), but this creates a new page for each of these keywords that I use, which I want to avoid, as it just clutters my graph unnecessarily.

What is the right way to do this?

Page properties are in the form key:: value where you can have multiple values separated by a space.

By default, all keys are given their own page which is helpful as it shows all pages and the values for that key in the linked reference list.

The two keys ‘alias’ and ‘tags’ always create a page for each value.

Try using keywords:: tag1, tag2, tag3

Then you can still use +k to search for tag2, etc, and the pages will show but there won’t be a page in the graph for tag2.

Or a query {{query (page-property keywords tag2) }}

This works fine for me in 0.8.7. There have been many PRs on GitHub about page-property and tagging and this functionality is still being developed.

In 0.8.3 there was a new config added to config.edm. If you find the line ‘:rich-property-values? true’ either comment it out or set it to false otherwise ‘key:: value1, value2’ doesn’t work. With this setting, you do get to use mixed links and plain text in the value. E.g
somekey:: [[page1]] now some text, then a #tag as you please

I believe you’re looking for the exclude-from-graph-view property. See Option to ignore certain nodes in the graph

Yes, I’d forgotten about that one. I use it on #tags in blocks, E.g. #question, #paradox, #anacdote. Hubs that clutter the graph. I only want to see links between real data, concepts, ideas, and genuine classification, not meta-data I add to enable searches.

Hi, thanks for that.

Try using keywords:: tag1, tag2, tag3

When I do this, it still creates a new page for tag1, tag2 and tag3.

If I understand correctly the option exclude-from-graph-view, it would still create a new page for each tag. I would have to manually write exclude-from-graph-view in each of this new page, and they would not show in the graph.

That seems like more work than ideal. Is there an option for these pages to not be created at all?

Yes, the pages are still created.
I’ve had a play and found some odd stuff.
Page properties alias and tags always create a linked page even without using # or [[]].
Other page properties, e.g. dogs:: woof where there is a single value don’t create a woof page. If you add a comma or multiple values, ‘dogs:: woof,’ or dogs:: woof, woof2 then the pages woof or woof and woof2 are created. I’d rather see property values only create pages if specifically linked with # or [[]].

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