How to auto apply a template to every new, non-journal page?

I was able to set up a Daily Journal template, works amazing.

Now I want to save myself the chore of:

  • Navigate to the new page
    (BTW, how can I do that with hotkeys other than click to the empty new page?)
  • type: /template
  • press: enter
  • Search for: “new-page” template
  • press: enter
  • navigate back to the original note
  • continue to write the note

I would appreciate a partial solution also, where my new-page template would appear only if I open the empty, non-journal new page, automatically.

Do I miss something in logseq/config.edn ?


As far as I’m aware this is not possible (yet?)

On windows your best bet would be AutoHotkey or a streamdeck.