How to build from source?

Hey, I recently try look into the source code of logseq and wanting to build the app from the source for general desktop use. I noticed that there’s no documentation on that, I know to build the desktop app by running yarn release-electron, but what are the steps after that, how can I copy the file to correct directory in order for the system to pick it up for searching/indexing, etc? I’m on linux

Welcome to the community @howarddo! I’ve moved this topic (#docs is for finished documentation) and changed the title slightly to make it more descriptive. I hope you don’t mind.

To answer your question, you can find more information on how to build from source in these docs:

I hope it’s useful.


yes, I know how to build it, but what to do with the built files is the problem. There is still no document on that. For example, I tried to put the built Logseq-linux-64 in to ~/Applications the file into a folder a created a file ~/.local/share/applications/logseq.desktop so linux desktop can search for it in the launcher. It’s now working fine, but the app link is broken.

Hope you may find some clue via the installing package builder that Logseq is using for Linux:

Compile & Release on Linux:

yarn install && yarn release
cd static/
yarn install && yarn electron:make

Then you will have a .AppImage executable in static/out/make/.

To create a .desktop file, you can refer com.logseq.Logseq/com.logseq.Logseq.desktop at master · flathub/com.logseq.Logseq · GitHub .


Thank you! this is it