How to change page title in logseq without changing the reference links

Whenever I change the title of a page, it also changes any mentioned link that can before it. How can I avoid this??

For example, I’ve mentioned my friend Dana several times in my notes, but I’m starting to organize my contacts and now I wanted to update her page to say People/Dana Mckelly, but after updating, it changed every mention I’ve ever made about her. Of course I’ve since made an alias, but I don’t want to individually change every time I’ve mentioned her. What’s the solution?? I feel like it should be simple.

Thanks ahead for your help!

Best way I’ve found to do this is to right-click the page title and select “Open in Directory” then just rename the file. If you have aliases set up for the old page name, your links should still connect.

It may not match your requirements but what about reversing it? Make the alias “People/Dana” and keep “Dana” as the main name.