How to change the default directory?

Hi everyone. Thanks a lot for creating this amazing software! So yesterday I downloaded Logseq and set up a directory for note taking. Today I deleted the directory as I wanted to set up a new default directory but I still found the notes being retained in Logseq and no option to change the default directory in settings. So I uninstalled it, deleted the Logseq directory from AppData as well (I’m on Windows), but still nothing. Am I missing anything here?


Did you try going to “All Graphs” in the top right menu?
There you can unlink your current directory and with “open a local directory” you can choose any folder to use for your notes. Sometimes it’s still a bit buggy, but clicking re-index on the all graphs page usually makes things work again.


Can’t believe I missed this. Thanks a lot!

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Is the “All Graphs” option still there in version 0.7.4? I can’t see it. If not, is there another way to change the location of the files in Windows?

Yes it is still there in the left sidebar

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Found it - thanks! :+1: