How to change the quick capture tag?

How can I change the mobile capture tag from quick capture to something else?

Go to settings → Custom configuration, and you’ll find this:

 ;; {:text "[[quick capture]] **{time}**: {text} from {url}"
 ;;  :media "[[quick capture]] **{time}**: {url}"}

Uncomment this bit and change to whatever you wish.

Hi! Is it possible to modify the string of quick-capture? I’m getting a non-descriptive error in config.edn every time I apply some transformation. E.g.:

   {:text "**{time}**: \n - {text} from {url}"
    :media (str "**{time}**: \n - {url} " 123)
The file logseq/config.edn has the following errors:
Has errors in the following keys - :media