How to copy the link for a specific bullet to the clipboard (like other outliners)?

In WorkFlowy I can right-click a bullet and use “Copy link location”, whilst in Dynalist I can right-click and “Get link”. This is copied to the clipboard, which I can then paste under any other bullet and it’ll show up like so:

Is there an equivalent here?

Yes, logsec has several ways to copy “block references” as they’re called here:

  1. right-click, “copy block ref”, pasting it will look like: ((6140b721-66ca-4682-861a-ef2f59072268)) but then turns into the block it refers to.
  2. The same thing as above, copying block ref, but now pasting it as {{embed ((string of numbers))}}, it shows not just as a link, but the complete block. The nice part is that you can edit this block in either location, because it points to literally one and the same block.

It’s also possible to type ((, which then becomes ((<cursor)), and you lookup the block you want to link to.

Links in logseq are quite powerful, but at the moment cannot be moved.

PS, welcome to logseq!


Awesome, thank you very much!