How to create a checklist in Logseq without TODO status

Hello there,

This is just a quick post about how to create checklists in Logseq without adding a TODO tag to them.

### my_checklist_title
* [ ] point 1
* [ ] point 2 
* [ ] point 3

basically this is the same way you create checklists in markdown but we replace the - sign with a * sign. We have to use this method because otherwise, logseq will interpret the points in the checklist as bulletpoints and won’t be able to print an output.

The output should look like this (without the example title of course :smiley: )
Screenshot from 2023-11-10 14-27-37

The correct syntax is

* [ ] this is a checkbox

Basically replace the + with *

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oh, thank you for pointing that out! The + worked for me but it was more a trial and error thing :smiley: i will correct the post.

What makes the original syntax incorrect? It seems to work fine

This is too cumbersome because we have to input the same thing multiple time, it’s in the same block so template cannot be used either. I feel like logseq should have a separate checklist functionality.

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I don’t quite understand: it can easily be used in a template. In fact I have one for grocery shopping. What prevents you from adding checklists to a template?

You can only create a fixed amount of item in a template. If it’s more than what you need, you have to delete the redundant, if it’s less, you have to add more. Both are equally cumbersome to do on a mobile phone.

What’s else, it seems the org-mode checklist is currently having issue with block reference (i.e, if you have block reference in one of the items and you check it, the first item of the list got checked instead). I usually use checklist to make a roll call where each item refers to a person block in a people page, so the current checklist is unusable to me. I work around this issue by using a checked emoticon. But I would prefer a complete checklist system, something like LATER, NOW, DONE but is unrelated to the task system.