How to create a new equal depth line from a blank line?

For visual organisation I like to leave blank bullets in between certain points.

However pressing enter when on an indented bullet just unindents it, rather than creating a new bullet.
Is there a way to disable this behaviour?

I know it can work in the markdown as there are plenty of clunky workarounds that allow me to achieve this, yet it just makes the workflow harder.

I’m not afraid of code so if someone knows where in the codebase I could write this for myself I’d be happy to.

Thank you for the advices!

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The easiest workaround would be write your next bullet point with content first, enter to create the empty block below it, then move it up (shortcut: alt + shift + up arrow).

Isn’t that still just as clunky?

You’re right. I misread your original post.