How to create query near date, and is it possible to not show when the result is none?

Some of my projects has a property called due, Looks like this due:: #[[Oct 31th, 2023]] (I know there’s a deadline function built in but having deadline on properties seems to break the block, so I use a tag to the due date. However if the query requires deadline, it is also an option. Please consider the solution too using deadline.)

I would like to create a query that creates a remind block 5 day before the due dates on top of the journal pages, and maybe some custom view, with the option to not show at all when query return non. Just like the defauly scheduled-and-deadline-query that only show in the bottom.

Is the above statement possible?

Personal choice to do this is fine. I’m just wondering what exactly is breaking?

Only possible when included on the page itself. Either by defining a default template for the journal or by added the query in the first bullet manually.
It will not be a dynamically added query, like we can add at the bottom.

Unless you use the default queries through the config file (the ones dynamically added at the bottom of the journal) this is not possible.
The query will otherwise always be displayed. Maybe without output, but the query bullet will be there.

Let me know your preferences and we can work from there.

Unrelated to this article but could you also look at the topic and check what’s going on here?
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Ah! This is not how deadlines work. Deadlines are an attribute of a block, primarily a task.
I guess I misunderstood what you said in your post :slight_smile:

Let me know if you need any further assistance/what you want to do in regards of the options I gave in the previous post.