How to create the Books list from the “expert” tip on the homepage?

I noticed the list of books on the homepage (under the tips section) mirrors pretty much exactly something I currently use Airtable for, and I would like to do this in logseq instead.

Is this kind of table (including colored status labels, book thumbnails) possible with a query, or is this some other plugin?

Yes, it is doable. Probably most flexible is with a query. For the colored labels, one would have to use some css (in-line in the example, but ideally in custom.css):

- Book 1
	  type:: book
	  cover:: ![127305853.jpg](../assets/127305853_1720615330880_0.jpg){:width 60}
	  title:: The Women
	  author:: Kristin Hannah
	  status:: <span style="background-color: green !important;border-radius: 12px; padding: 2px 6px;">✔read</span>
- Book 2
	  type:: book
	  cover:: ![181344829.jpg](../assets/181344829_1720615988566_0.jpg){:width 60}
	  title:: Bride
	  author:: Ali Hazelwood
	  status:: <span style="background-color: yellow !important; color: black;border-radius: 12px; padding: 2px 6px;">📖reading</span>