How to disable automatic updates?

Hello, I am new to Logseq, I would like to disable automatic updates in Logseq, but I only see a button to check for updates. Logseq has that option?

There should be a toggle next to text saying “auto updater”

There is no button or option to check/uncheck automatic updates. I ask because I recently installed Logseq, I’m happy with what I’ve been discovering. But since I come from obsidian I know that every time a new version is installed there are bugs and unexpected things, which is solved by reinstalling previous versions, but that takes time. Since I already know that situation I thought there was a similar option in logseq to disable updates. Or in logseq the update is manual? There is only one button that says check for updates.

Go to Settings > Advanced, then switch the toggle next to “Auto Updater” to the off position, as mentioned by @Aryan

No option appears to me. If you see a button or something to disable automatic Logseq updates? In the case of lugins, there is a switch there.

This is very interesting, the option for @Aryan and I appears right about “Send usage data and diagnostics to Logseq”. May I ask which version you are currently on?

Hello. As you can see in the first image (above) I have logseq version 0.8.2